Why It’s Important to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight
Eating well is one way to make sure you hit your healthy weight target.

Working your way down to a healthy weight level is critically important not only in the short-term but also in the long run. Someone who is overweight is at a much higher risk of developing serious health problems later in life. It’s never too late to start improving your overall health by aiming for your target healthy weight with the customized weight loss program at Pria Wellness Center! Here are some diseases that you can end up developing as a result of not being at a healthy weight.

Type 2 Diabetes

When you are overweight, your cells and tissues will contain more fat content. And the more fat in these vital parts of your body, the more resistant they will become to insulin, leading to type 2 diabetes. Having diabetes can also make you more likely to have a stroke later in life.

High Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure readings measure the amount of force that the walls of your arteries take as a result of blood pushing against it. The blood pressure of overweight people is usually higher than those of a healthy weight. If this higher number rises and stays high over time because of the fat accumulations in your arteries, it can damage the body and lead to heart disease.

Coronary Heart Disease

This condition is caused by a plaque buildup in the coronary arteries, which supply important oxygen-rich blood to your heart. The plaque ends up narrowing or even blocking these critical arteries, reducing blood flow to the heart and may lead to a heart attack.

Gallbladder Disease

Obese people are much more likely to develop painful gallstones, which can cause chronic pain in the stomach and back area. The gallbladder may also be enlarged and not work properly as a result of not maintaining a healthy weight.


The extra weight you put on puts additional strain on your muscles and joints. This added strain causes chemical changes in your body and makes it more likely that you’ll develop gout – in fact, an obese person is four times more likely to get gout than a non-obese person.

The good news is that it is never too late to change your habits and start living a healthier lifestyle to avoid these problems later on. Contact Pria Wellness Center today to get started on the path to a brighter, healthier future!

Contact Pria Wellness Center for Lasting Weight Loss Results

For a weight loss solution with real, long-lasting results, contact Pria Wellness Center. We will comprehensively assess your current physical condition and make recommendations based on your body’s unique needs. Dr. Fernandez is board certified in obesity medicine and weight management, so you can trust that you are being taken care of by a qualified specialist. And we take a holistic approach to weight loss, working with dieticians, psychologists, personal trainers, and physicians to ensure that all of your needs are met and you keep the weight off for good. What do you have to lose except extra weight? Schedule a consultation online by clicking here, or contact the office at (410) 565-6552.

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