Weight Management

We’ll design a science-based weight loss program for you and with you.
Weight Management

If you are overweight, you are not alone in your struggle. Nearly 40% of American adults are medically recognized as obese. But you don’t need to be obese to want help losing weight or managing your weight. Everyone can benefit from a healthier weight, looking better, and feeling better about themselves. Our program is supervised by a physician who is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine, and who will guide you in safe, lasting and medically sound weight control.

Weight Management Plans Designed for You

In all aspects of our practice, we look at every factor that is influencing your health. With a personalized program, we improve your chances of successful weight loss. We consider the following.

Your age: Your body composition, metabolism, lifestyle, and what motivates you will vary depending on how old you are.

Your gender: Men tend to lose weight faster than women. This is influenced by hormone levels (which fluctuate with age and are influenced by multiple forces) and by body composition (with men typically having greater muscle mass and women having more fat).

Your metabolism: Your metabolic rate influences your ability to burn and store calories, as well as your ability to build muscle tissue. Many people are unable to metabolize fat, sugars and starches efficiently because of biological factors specific to them.

Body composition: A healthy weight is more than numbers on the scale. How much you weigh is the result of muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass and total body water. With a scientific analysis of each of these factors, we can personalize your plan and more accurately measure your results. A one-size-fits-all weight-loss program based only on weight, height and body mass index (BMI) is not as effective.

Medical conditions affecting your weight: Certain conditions can lead to weight gain. This includes menopause, underactive thyroid, Cushing’s syndrome, insomnia, depression and anxiety, among other conditions. You may also have physical conditions that limit your ability to exercise with certain activities. We take all of this into account.

Medications you take: In order to treat some of the conditions above, you may be taking medications that cause weight gain. Medications for treating other conditions also can cause weight gain. That includes insulin, beta blockers, antidepressants, corticosteroids, and other medications. We will get to the root cause of the conditions that require these medications and then make adjustments as we are able. Many people find that with a personalized program for better nutrition, more exercise, less stress and more sleep, some of these conditions can improve without medication.

Meaningful Weight Loss and Weight Management

Our programs for exercise, diet, vitamin supplements, stress management and risk factors are medically proven to work, especially when personalized and then supervised by a physician. You will play an active role in the creation of your plan, which makes it easier to follow. You will see that the dedicated and ongoing support we provide at the Pria Wellness Center can bring success, even if you have struggled with your weight time and time again.

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