A Simple Solution for Stress


Exercise is good for you.  We all know that. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is a a strong tool for stress management. Moreover, it is okay if you are not athletic, you can still make strides towards incorporating small amounts of exercise into your life and reap the benefits.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise with a friend for a more enjoyable experience!

Exercise provides a variety of benefits which aids in stress relief. The most significant sources of stress relief come from your body’s response to exercise, pumping endorphins throughout your body boosting your mood. Additionally, exercise  distracts you from negative thoughts preoccupying your mind as you focus on the exercises your body is performing.

Where to Start

Fortunately enough, you do not have to do a crazy workout to feel good about exercise. Exercises such as walking, stretching, and even taking the stairs make a positive impact on your lifestyle and relieve your stress. More importantly, you want to pick an exercise activity which you enjoy. Whether that be swimming, yoga, or hiking, find something that you will look forward to. This will make it easier to consistently exercise and shift your life towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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