The Power of Vegetables: Reduce the Mental Effects of Aging


As we age, it gets harder to remember things and stay focused. This is because of a direct correlation between aging and decline in cognitive function. Jae Hee Kang, Associate Professor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School, conducted a study in order to determine if fruits and vegetables are helpful in reducing the cognitive decline associated with aging.

The Results

Tips for Eating Healthy: Food Storage and Preparation
When it comes to your diet, focus on leafy and cruciferous vegetables!

After comparing the results of 13,388 women, the study concluded that fruits had no correlation to neither cognition nor cognitive decline. More importantly, the study found that leafy and cruciferous vegetables lowered the cognitive decline from aging. This is great news, especially with those seeking a healthier lifestyle. By simply introducing more greens into your diet, you are investing in a healthier, stronger future.



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