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We get to the root of the problem to design a health plan as unique as you.
Pria Wellness Center - Our Approach

You may have visited other doctors who didn’t spend enough time with you, or even rushed you along. Maybe you didn’t feel understood. Or your questions were left unanswered. At the Pria Wellness Center, that’s not the type of medical practice we are. Everything we do centers around you.

You aren’t a symptom to treat or a number on the scale. You are a complete person with genetic, emotional and environmental factors to consider. There are also hormonal and biological factors that influence your health. As a smaller private practice, we can take the time to uncover the root causes of the health challenges you face. This is a treatment practice called functional medicine.

What is Functional Medicine?

Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a certain condition, but that one condition could be caused by many factors (known or unknown). Conversely, you could have just one factor that leads to many conditions. Other general practitioners or primary care physicians might diagnose your condition and then ask themselves, “What drug could help?” Our approach isn’t to turn to a medication right away. Our goal is to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem.

For example, is depression causing you to overeat, which increases your weight, and makes your diabetes more severe? Treating only the diabetes isn’t the answer. In another situation, maybe you know you should exercise to reduce your risk of heart disease, which runs in your family, but you don’t. Are you just being lazy? No. A hormonal imbalance could be making you too tired to exercise, and that is something we can treat.

How Can the Pria Wellness Center Make a Difference?

Have you been diagnosed with a condition and are being treated, but you still don’t feel well? Or has your health improved somewhat but you wonder if there is more you could be doing? That is where we can help! We know you think you have tried everything, and maybe you have given up before. We want to show you that there is more that you can do, all based in science and led by a doctor of internal medicine, Dr. Rodolfo Fernandez.

You will see how a personal physician and healthcare team dedicated to your total wellness can support you for weight loss, hormone replacement, age management and the treatment of chronic conditions. With the right questions asked and answered, we will quickly get you on the path to better health and have you feeling excited about being the healthiest you can be. It’s you, better than ever.

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Pria Wellness Center

Our Mission

To make personal connections with our patients that allow them to feel listened to, understood and cared for. With these connections, they will feel encouraged and motivated to make lifestyle changes that can make major improvements in their health, such as weight loss, hormonal balance, nutrition and disease management. They will feel empowered and excited after each appointment, and ready to make a difference in all aspects of their total health.
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