What Makes a Great Weight Loss and Wellness Program?

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A great weight loss and wellness center comes up with a personalized, complete plan.

There have been many approaches to weight loss over the last several decades. Some of them have proven themselves to be simply fads, while others have been demonstrated to work a lot better. But there does seem to be one thing that many of these programs have in common. The weight may come off for a time, but then it invariably comes back. Surgical interventions also exist which seem to be a more permanent fix, but these come with significant risks. There’s a chance of post-operative complications, including death, that could result from having surgery. Operations are also expensive to have performed and will cost you time away from work to recover.

It’s a safe bet that we all know someone – a loved one, a friend, or even yourself – who has tried to lose weight and keep it off. It can be really difficult to accomplish unless you are surrounded by a team of professionals.

Here at Pria Wellness Center, we have designed a new concept for weight loss and wellness, based on established science, that is guaranteed to work. Our team of professionals will personally supervise a program that is designed with the unique needs of your body in mind to help you lose the weight and keep it off for good! Your goals are our number one priority and your program will be continually tailored according to your needs. Here’s how Pria Wellness Center can change your life and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Comprehensive, Customized Medical Evaluation

By this point, wellness professionals have recognized the importance of a customized plan for the ensured success of weight loss. A cookie-cutter approach may work for a short time, but will not be successful in the long run. In that spirit, Pria Wellness Center starts your wellness journey with a comprehensive look at your current medical situation and your past medical history. This evaluation comprises many different elements that can positively or negatively influence your weight and overall wellness:

  • An assessment of your current medical conditions
  • An overall look at the composition of your body
  • An evaluation of your current metabolic rate
  • Checking your hormonal balance
  • Assessing your metabolism profile (this helps us determine how your body is able to process nutrients)
  • Taking stock of your current medications (some have weight gain as a side effect)
  • A complete dietary and behavioral evaluation
  • Screening for any food disorders that could be affecting your weight
  • Determining if you need pharmacotherapy to help control your appetite and cravings

All of these factors play an important role in determining your overall picture of wellness. By taking a complete snapshot of your current physical condition, we can determine which factors need to be changed which will best be able to produce the results that you seek. And we will continue to monitor these signs and adjust your plan to account for any changes in your metabolic needs that arise.

Our Weight Loss Management Program

Unlike other programs, the weight loss management program at Pria Wellness Center is grounded in a science-based approach that will help you lose the weight and then keep it off for good. Our program takes a holistic approach and we will work with a complete team, including dieticians, psychologists, personal trainers, and other professionals – all supervised by our board-certified physician, Dr. Rodolfo Fernandez – to help you achieve your weight loss goal. After your initial consultation and evaluation, we will tailor a weight loss program to your body’s unique needs. Below are some of the highlights of our effective weight loss program.

  • Meals: Going on a diet is perhaps the most quintessential aspect of weight loss that nearly everyone has tried! When we develop your weight loss plan, we may decide to implement full or partial meal replacements or a new dietary plan. A full meal replacement plan is designed to help you eliminate certain poor food choices for several weeks in order to help you adapt to a healthier regimen. After this period of time, we will reintroduce food from the grocery store into your diet and help you cope with the reintroduction of calories, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Low-Carbohydrate Plan: We also offer a low-carbohydrate dietary plan which targets a specific number of carbohydrates every day to consume. This plan can help you lose weight faster while also lowering triglycerides, increasing good cholesterol numbers, and lowering blood pressure, among other benefits.
  • Medications: While not for everyone, we will evaluate your medical history, your current prescriptions and potential interactions, and your metabolic profile to determine if prescription medications are appropriate for your weight loss program. These medications are used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program to help you reduce the absorption of fats or curb your appetite.

Keeping the Weight Off for Good

The weight loss portion of the program generally lasts anywhere between 12-20 weeks and during the reducing phase, our patients have experienced weight loss of up to six pounds per week. But after the reducing phase comes the portion of our program where most weight loss programs fail – keeping that weight off for good. Our physicians will educate you about holistic lifestyle changes that you can make to facilitate keeping that weight off, covering one topic per office visit. They will use your initial medical history and the results of your medical evaluation to identify which areas of your lifestyle need to be adjusted that can help you be successful in keeping the extra weight off. If you were enrolled in the full meal replacement plan, we gradually reintroduce you to real food, controlling the reintroduction of fats, carbohydrates, and calories to help your body cope.

In addition, you will continue the regular exercise program that we tailored for you at the beginning of the program, with changes made as your ability progresses.

Why Does Our Program Succeed Where Others Fail?

By treating obesity as a disease that needs to be treated, Pria Wellness Center radically alters the standard way of approaching weight loss. One-size-fits-all solutions treat all of their customers as more or less the same, but this is a misguided approach because many personal factors affect weight loss and gain. For example, everyone has a different metabolic profile that regulates how quickly and effectively our body burns and stores calories. In addition, our hormones can play a huge role in determining how effective our metabolism is. An imbalance of hormones may lead to an inability to lose weight at all. The cookie-cutter solutions do not address these issues at all – on the other hand, our program does and it is the reason why our patients experience life-changing weight loss results!

Contact Pria Wellness Center for Lasting Weight Loss Results

For a weight loss solution with real, long-lasting results, contact Pria Wellness Center. We will comprehensively assess your current physical condition and make recommendations based on your body’s unique needs. Dr. Fernandez is board certified in obesity medicine and weight management, so you can trust that you are being taken care of by a qualified specialist. And we take a holistic approach to weight loss, working with dieticians, psychologists, personal trainers, and physicians to ensure that all of your needs are met and you keep the weight off for good. What do you have to lose except extra weight? Schedule a consultation online by clicking here, or contact the office at (410) 565-6552.

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