Meal Replacements Lead to Major Weight Loss


Meal replacements are healthy, filling prepped meals which help reduce overconsumption of food. For instance, a recent study conducted in the UK found that patients who implemented meal replacements into their diet lost an average of 33 pounds in 12 months! Moreover, 48% of the type 2 diabetic patients went into remission after 12 months of meal replacements.

How does it work?

The Psychology of Processed Food
No need to worry about choosing the right foods to put in a meal! Meal replacements put together the most important nutrients into a small but filling meal!

By replacing each of your three meals a day, meal replacements regulate the consumption of calories and macronutrients such as protein and carbs in order to prevent overconsumption.  Eating less calories, and less carbs while maintaining healthy levels of macronutrients allows for fast, healthy weight loss.

Does it taste good?

Companies who specialize in meal replacements aim to make their respective meal replacements as tasty as possible. By doing so, patients trying out meal replacement do not feel deprived from tasty food,. Instead, they feel happy and full from much less food.

Get Started Today

Fortunately, Pria Wellness Center offers meal replacements to their patients, leading to optimal results. Our best quality meal replacement plans can shed up to 6 pounds weekly! Find out more by going to the “get started” tab on the top of this page and click “weight loss management program,” or call 410-565-6552 to schedule a consultation!

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