Fad Diets: Destined to Fail

Fad Diets: Destined to Fail
Fad diets were not made to last.

The number of fad diets out there grows every day. There’s always some celebrity endorsing this or that new fad diet. If you try them, you will probably lose some weight. The problem is that these fad diets were not built to last. As soon as you stop rigidly abiding by the rules of “the plan”, you start gaining the weight back. Actual success stories from these fads are few and far between. Despite all of this, fad diets still remain popular. Here are a couple of the big things to look for so you don’t fall into the fad diet trap.

Restrictive Combinations

There are diet plans that have people eat thing in a certain order. The rules may say you can’t eat proteins and carbohydrates together. So, under this type of diet, if you had eggs for breakfast you couldn’t eat toast until a few hours later. These plans require participants to wait several hours between consuming certain food groups, to avoid mixing them. Some other examples of these restrictions are:

  • Consuming only one source of protein at a meal
  • Separating acidic foods/ beverages from protein
  • Not eating protein and fat together
  • Not mixing protein and sugar in a single meal

Particular Emphasis on a Single Food

From cabbage soup to bananas, these types of diets put an illogical amount of emphasis on eating one particular food. They severely restrict most other foods. This can cause major nutritional deficiencies. People on these plans find that they tend to get sick of eating the same thing all the time. These plans weren’t even designed to work long-term, with many having a life expectancy of just a few weeks.

Focusing on One Food Group

Restrictions like removing an entire food group from someone’s diet are extremely difficult to follow. The most popular of these plans being low fat and low carb. Your brain and central nervous system need a certain amount of fats to function properly, which these plans don’t really take into account. Look out for “low fat” foods as well, because while they may indeed be low in fat, manufacturers typically add high amounts of sugar to make products more palatable.

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