Building strength is easier than you think study says


Strength is essential for day to day tasks, and can be gained through resistance training. Not to mention more muscle mass means a faster metabolism as stronger muscles need more calories. Build muscle and get stronger. It seems easy enough, but how much is enough? How many sets? reps? weight? A new study reveals it takes much less than you might think to build strength.

Build Strength in “13 minutes”

How to Develop a Sustainable Workout Routine

According to the same study, patients were broken into three groups. One group would workout for 5 sets, one for 3, and the last for only 1 set. After 8 weeks of resistance training 3 days a week, patients were found to have astonishingly no significant difference in strength across the three groups. The study concludes that one challenging set of a strength workout, three times a week, over 8 weeks is able to build strength equal to much harder workouts. The one set should take approximately only 13 minutes.


A 13 minute workout leaves little room for excuses. Not to mention a measly three times a week leaves plenty of wiggle room when scheduling. It is that easy. Go ahead and start taking steps towards a stronger life!

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