Age Management

You can’t avoid getting older, but you can do it better.
Age Management

As we age, some conditions can worsen, and others can appear for the first time. What many people don’t realize is that you can lessen the risk or severity of these diseases beginning in your mid-30s and even into your 80s. Any time is the right time to improve your health, how you feel and how you look.

We start with a complete evaluation of your current health and lifestyle. We will learn all we can. Next, we look at your family history. This gives us a glimpse into the future so you can take action now. Are there steps you can take through nutrition, exercise and stress management? Are there tests we can perform now and in the future to catch a potential disease early? Absolutely!

Our Age Management Strategies Include:

  • Fitness programs that combine aerobic exercise, resistance training and weight lifting
  • Nutrition plans for the reduction of inflammation in the body
  • Lowering body fat, especially visceral or central
  • Vitamin supplements scientifically proven to improve health. Minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, omega 3, mitochondrial enzymes and methylated B complex, just to name a few.
  • Sleep-cycle management and reducing insomnia
  • Hormone replacement for better sleep, energy and moods
  • Treatment of leaky gut syndrome (a condition in which bacteria and toxins are able to escape through the intestinal wall)
  • Prevention of muscle loss (sarcopenia) with diet, exercise and hormone replacement

We will determine which of the above treatments are best for your individual circumstances and then provide all the support you need to make meaningful improvements in your health. Age management at the Pria Wellness Center helps you to know you’re doing all you can for your best health — now and in the future.

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