6 Weight Loss Tips to Incorporate this Summer

Summer Weight Loss Tips
Greet the beach in style this summer by following these helpful weight loss tips!

Summer is here and countless couples and families are making their way to the beach for fun in the sun. Many adults struggle with winter weight gain and squeezing into the same swimsuit that they wore the summer before. If you are ready to get off the last few pounds and flaunt your bikini body this summer, here are six of our best summer weight loss tips.

Plan Ahead

Preparing meals in large batches and portioning them out over the week is the perfect way to stay one step ahead. Instead of sitting on the couch and ordering pizza, you’ll just be a touch of the microwave button away from hot, delicious and healthy food. Meal preparation is an easy way to boost your summer weight loss goals.

Water, Water Everywhere

Water is the best drink for your body and conveniently 0 calories, 0 fat, and 0 carbohydrates. Drink more water this summer to help regulate your appetite and keep your skin glowing. Always bring a reusable water bottle with you everywhere that you go to stay hydrated.

Avoid Alcohol

Looking for a quick way to get started on your summer weight loss? Cut out alcohol! Alcohol leads to bloating and is full of excess sugars and carbohydrates that you don’t need. Practice abstaining from alcohol 6 out of 7 days a week to see instant results.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles that most people face when it comes to summer weight loss. If you have a busy job or a fast-paced home life, it can be very hard to balance healthy eating with all of the indulgent foods you want to eat when you are stressed. Stay centered on the positive and take breaks as needed to reduce your stress level.

Stay Away from White Carbs

This common piece of diet advice is one that almost nobody wants to hear—stay away from processed white carbs. Things like white bread have been proven to spike your blood sugar levels and encourage the accumulation of fat, so just stay away.

Pay Attention to Your Coffee

Summer feels like the perfect time to indulge in a blended coffee drink or iced coffee treat, but do you know how much sugar and fat you could be ingesting first thing in the morning? Many coffee shop drinks are more like dessert than a snack, so always order plain coffee and add in your own milk and sweetener to know exactly what is going in.

Summer Weight Loss with Pria Wellness Center

For a weight loss solution with real, long-lasting results, contact Pria Wellness Center. We will comprehensively assess your current physical condition and make recommendations based on your body’s unique needs. Dr. Fernandez is board certified in obesity medicine and weight management, so you can trust that you are being taken care of by a qualified specialist. And we take a holistic approach to weight loss, working with dieticians, psychologists, personal trainers, and physicians to ensure that all of your needs are met and you keep the weight off for good. What do you have to lose except extra weight? Schedule a consultation online by clicking here, or contact the office at (410) 565-6552.

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