3 of the Worst Ingredients to Add to Smoothies

When making smoothies to aid your weight loss efforts, avoid using these three ingredients.

Many people who are trying to lose weight supplement their exercise routines and change in diet with smoothies. When made with the proper ingredients, these smoothies can help you feel full and deliver some healthy vitamins and other nutrients your body needs. But many ingredients available seem healthy on the surface, but in reality could be adding to your waistline. Whether you hit up the local smoothie place or make them at home, avoid using these three ingredients in your smoothies.

1. Fat-Free Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is a great base for smoothies unless it is flavored or fat-free. Even with brands many consider healthy, yogurt with mix-ins like fruit or honey can contain up to 29 grams of added sugar. In addition, studies have shown that people who consumed full-fat dairy products had a lower risk of developing diabetes than those who consumed low-fat dairy products. Going with fat-free yogurt can actually deprive your body of vital nutrients and vitamins.

2. Fruit Juice

If you’re looking at your blender and worried there’s not enough liquid, you might be tempted to add some fruit juice. Don’t give in to this temptation! Fruit juices lack the fiber present in fresh fruit and can add unhealthy levels of carbohydrates to your finished smoothie. Instead, use green tea to add a healthy liquid to your smoothies.

3. Ice Cream

Many smoothie places use ice cream or sherbet as bases for their smoothies. But what you’re really getting in this instance is a milkshake dessert. And with that comes loads of unhealthy sugar and carbohydrates. So keep the ice cream out and go with unflavored yogurt and fruit for the same great taste without all the bad stuff.

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