3 Ways to Start Eating Healthier

Eating Healthier
Eating fruits as your afternoon snack is a great way to start eating healthier.

One of the reasons why lasting weight loss is so hard to achieve is because many people think they don’t have enough time to learn healthier eating habits. Our busy lives may often get in the way of healthier living, but the key to success in eating healthier actually is to change habits that we have already built up instead of adding new ones. Use these three guidelines as a base to start eating healthier today!

1. Finding Balance

For years, many people assumed the key to successful weight loss was to burn more calories than you took in every day. But this is a rather simplistic understanding, and studies have shown that it’s not necessarily the quantity of calories that matter (though it does play a role), but the quality of calories that you consume. Focus more attention on achieving a proper balance of nutrients rather than the amount of calories you consume so that your body gets a steady supply of energy without the fattening side effects.

2. Plan Out Your Meals

While some experts have touted six small meals throughout the day as a way to stave off weight gain, it’s easy to turn some of these small meals into bigger ones or into all-day snacking. This can make it rather difficult to keep track of your nutritional intake. Shoot for three full, nutritiously balanced meals and two snacks a day, and plan it out in advance so you don’t end up hitting the fast food restaurant for your lunch hour.

3. Have an Afternoon Snack

The long interval between lunch and dinner could tempt you to find the vending machine during the afternoon. This is actually normal! Blood sugar levels tend to fluctuate during this time, so having an afternoon snack can help stabilize it and lead to a healthier dinnertime. Just be sure to choose your snack wisely with healthier options like apples, almonds, peanuts, string cheese, or pears over potato chips and candy bars!

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